VK9CZ - Sponsors

 We are very grateful to the following for their support for our DXpedition.


Thank-you to the following individual sponsors of VK9CZ 2017 - your support is much appreciated :

Mike W2LO Neil G0JHC Kenny MM0GKB
Morten LB8DC Neil EA7VPG / GM0VPG Richard WA5LFD
Mark W2OR Juan EA6NP Michael Daly
Robert DL1MEV Andy K5QR Clayton W0FS
Scotty KG9Z Paul G4AFU Lada OK2PAY
Tomasz SP5XMU Hiro 7K1PTT Mac JO7KMB
Yoshi JH1URT Stewart G0UII John G3PQA
Thomas OE6TLF Uli DM5EE Trisno YB8NT


Thanks also to the following amateurs who supported our V6Z 2016 DXpedition :

Clif K1CP Kenny MM0GKB Daniel NG0T
Chris VK2BYI Fred W0PE Paul G4AFU
Steve GM4OSS George G4PTJ Agus YB2TX
Wayne N7NG Kip W6SZN Dick W7BC
John G3PQA Ed W0YK Trent N4DTF
Romas OK8DD Tom 9A4T