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Eu stations - we live in Scotland, so are fully aware of how difficult it can be to work DXpeditions from NW Europe.  We will make every effort to work NW Eu stations through the pile-up of stronger SE Eu stations.

U.S. stations - we are also very aware of how difficult it is to work NA from VK9C. In 2013 under favourable conditions on the high bands, 22% of our QSOs were with NA, but in March 2016 VK9CK did only 10%. In 2016 propagation was much poorer than in 2013 and it will be even worse in Oct/Nov 2017. We will figure out when we have the opportunities to focus on NA.


If you are interested in LF propagation, please listen to this WWROF Webinar by Ed Callaway N4II : http://wwrof.org/webinar-archive/grayline-propagation-or-florida-to-cocos-keeling-on-80m-ed-callaway-n4ii/

 NOAA Predicted Sunspot Number And Radio Flux Values

#                     With Expected Ranges

#         -----Sunspot Number------  ----10.7 cm Radio Flux----



2017 09        17.1    24.1    10.1       76.7    81.7    71.7

2017 10        17.2    24.2    10.2       76.3    82.3    70.3

2017 11        17.2    25.2     9.2       75.9    82.9    68.9