VK9CZ - Equipment


Our plan is to run one 900W o/p station and one 500W o/p station for as many hours per day as possible. 

Station 1 = Elecraft K3 + SPE Expert 1.3K-FA amplifier 

Station 2 = Icom IC-7300 + Tokyo HyPower HL-1.1kFX amplifier

Three 13.8V 22A Switched-mode Power supplies + extra cooling fans.   2 x Lenovo S10-3 netbooks plus 1 x Toshiba Kira laptop - on a wireless LAN running WinTest 4.25.1 in DXpedition mode.

plus ....  many kgs of other essential items like a Yaesu FT-450D spare transceiver, 9 x W3NQN bandpass filters, Heil headsets, RX antenna switching/shorting boxes, wireless keyboards, AA-30 antenna analyser, TV high pass filter, etc.

THANKS to the following friends for the loan of equipment /coax etc....  Colin GM0RLZ, Gavin GM0GAV, Gordon MM0GPZ, Rob GM3YTS, Clive GM3POI, Bob M0KLO, Tony G2NF, Ted G7BQM.